Dependable and Efficient

Here at Stephen S. Starr Mechanical Corp in Utica, NY, we provide our customers with dependable and efficient HVAC construction services. Every task we perform adheres to the highest standards of the industry. Our goal is to become the premier HVAC company in the area by providing fantastic service to all our customers.

A Family Legacy

We were incorporated in January 2015 and were officially in business in June of that same year. It was a longtime dream of our founder Steve Starr Jr. to own and run a small local business, serving the community that he grew up in.

After 15 years of working for major international OEM companies, the time came to pursue that dream. Since then, it has been exciting to see the company take off and grow in such a short period of time.

The relationships that have been forged through the years with local customers of Central NY have made this venture possible. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our team of reliable mechanics and our valued customers.

With Steve Jr. at the wheel, he also brings the experience and expertise of his father, Steve Sr. Just like his son, he has worked with major OEM companies in the last 35 years. They both bring a skill set that are sought out, but hard to find these days.

Meet the Team

Brenda Starr


Stephen Starr

Owner/Vice President

Talented Staff

We consider our people as the cornerstone of our success. Our mechanics and HVAC specialists are well-trained, and possess years of experience among them. They are truly dedicated to their craft, and have implemented numerous successful projects throughout their careers.

Rocky Nickerson

Chiller Technician

Scott Smith

Project Foreman

David Mahalick

Chiller Technician

Matthew Mahalick

Apprentice/Chiller Technician

Jeffrey Hughes

Chiller Technician

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