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Dependable and Efficient

Here at Stephen S. Starr Mechanical Corp in Utica, NY, we provide our customers with dependable and efficient HVAC construction services. Every task we perform adheres to the highest standards of the industry. Our goal is to become the premier HVAC company in the area by providing fantastic service to all our customers.

Talented Staff

We consider our people as the cornerstone of our success. Our mechanics and HVAC specialists are well-trained, and possess years of experience among them. They are truly dedicated to their craft, and have implemented numerous successful projects throughout their careers.

Our team members also embody our brand promise of delivering customer service from the heart. Although they are proven experts in their respective fields, their passion toward proving themselves never wavers. They exert a tremendous amount of effort in all tasks, no matter how big or small.

Value for Money

Not only do we constantly deliver high quality results, we also care about the budget of our customers. We keep our rates at an affordable level, and practice integrity in all of our transactions. Lastly, our contracted service agreements provide you both assurance and security.

Calculated Approach

We appreciate the science behind the business. Thus, we always utilize a methodical approach in everything we do. Our technicians possess a wealth of knowledge in the HVAC field, and are essential in ensuring the success of our projects. From installation to maintenance, we surely have you covered.

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